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Can I Use Online Check-In If I Purchased My Ticket From A Travel Agency Or Online Agency?

Yes, eTickets issued by any source can be used.

What If I Have Connecting Flights?

No problem. You will receive a separate boarding document for each of your flights when you check in.

What Do I Do Upon Arriving At The Airport?

If you have no bags to check, you can proceed directly to Security with your boarding document and photo ID, then right to your departure gate where you simply wait for boarding to begin. In some international cities, you will need to stop in the lobby for a departure card prior to proceeding to security. Baggage check-in time requirements vary by airport. Please review

for more info contact us .

Parts Of My Boarding Pass Are Cut Off When I Print It. Is This OK?

The boarding pass on your printout must appear fully on one page in order to check in. If parts of your page are missing or printing on more than one sheet of paper, we recommend that you change your Page Setup and set your margins to not exceed 1" and print your page in portrait mode.

My Flight Is Operated By A Delta Code share Partner. Where Do I Check In?

If you're traveling as a Delta customer on one of our codeshare partners, you will need to check in with that airline carrier.

Which Boarding Documents Will I Receive?

You may receive any of the following, singly or in combination:

  • Boarding pass — allows you to board the plane
  • Seat request card — allows you to be placed on a standby list if a seat on your flight is unavailable
  • Connection information document — provides access through airport security checkpoints, but does not check you in, place you on the standby list, or allow you to board the aircraft. You must check in with the operating carrier at time of departure

Please contact us if your promotional code isn't working.

Check-in for all flights to the US will close 2 hours before departure for guests who are commencing their journey in Abu Dhabi.

You can avoid the airport rush in Malaysia by checking in at the KL Sentral City Town Check In.

Proceed to the KLIA Ekspres Departure Hall, located within the KL City Air Terminal.

Pay quickly and efficiently through any of our payment options:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • eWallet
  • Real-time bank transfer
  • Offline payments

You can build your itinerary, combining as many as 4 cities in one booking. Enjoy the perfect blend of relaxation, exploration and discovery as you go from one city to another.

Book a multi-city flight

Online/Mobile check-in is available to all passengers, except those who:

  • are below 18 years old, and not accompanied by an adult passenger (above 18 years old)
  • are travelling in a group of 10 passengers or more in the same booking
  • have one or more preceding flights in the same booking for which the passengers have not checked in.

A group is a party of 10 or more (excluding infants) traveling together in the same flights (going and return) and on the same dates.

Our Etihad Airways group team understands your group’s different needs and we're here to help you have a stress-free trip.

No, you aren't allowed to switch names or transfer your ticket to a friend or a family member.

Yes, there is a penalty of $100 for no show.

Yes, there shall be a penalty of $100 for not cancelling booking before 72Hrs.

Yes. There is a penalty of $20 for change of booking from one flight to another.

Departure time of our flight depends on the window time granted by the collation forces and on a
daily basis - while the flight timing reflected in the system is only on a tentative basis.

The help desk staff can check on the booking status (open/ cancelled), and whether there has been
a reissue for the customer’s ticket .

Booking can’t be cancelled by a phone call, you should contact nearest sales office to cancel his

The helpdesk staff will check the ticket’s validity and in case of penalty on that ticket you will be
asked to go to the nearest Yemenia office for payment.

There will be a deduction of 5% towards refund charge plus penalty, if any, for NO SHOW, etc.

For a missing ticket you should contact the Revenue Department at Yemen Airways headquarters.
If the passenger knows the travel date and provides his name as per his passport, the helpdesk staff
might be able to retrieve his ticket and give him all the details.

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