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The National Carrier of Yemen

Yemenia In 50 Years

The history of Yemen Airways goes back to the second 40s. From 1949 until 1977, Yemen Airways had experienced moderate developments and different kinds of structural reforms.

Our Fleet

Yemen Airways operates one of the most modern fleets of any airline in the world. Narrow-body and wide-body aircrafts variants operate a mix of short and medium international routes.

Our Locations

Yemen Airways offices in all countries.
Our Locations


Capt. Nasser Mahmood Mohammed Kassem
Dr. Omar Bin Abdullah Jefri
Managing Director
Mohsen Ali Haidarah Qasem
Deputy Managing Director For Commercial Affairs
Capt. Abdullah Mohammed Al-Shotffa
Deputy Managing Director For Operations
Mr. Adel Saeed Al-Attas
Deputy Managing Director For Financial Affairs
Eng. Hussien Ahmed Almajali
Deputy Managing Director For Technical Affairs
Master Organization Structure