Course Available [ 21/09/2019 - 03/10/2019 ]

Intermediate Fares & Ticketing


Participants will be able quote IATA fares and will be aware of the mileage system principle and issue tickets.


Participants must have completed Basic Passenger Fares and Ticketing

Certificate Awarded

Yemenia certificate of completion is awarded to participants obtaining a grade of 70%

Course Content

  • Rate of exchange and currencies.
  • Round off and round up.
  • The mileage system formula.
  • EMS Extra Mileage Surcharge.
  • EMA Extra Mileage Allowance.
  • Gaps/Surface transportation.
  • Over 25m/ lowest combination.
  • Add on amounts.
  • HIP Higher Intermediate Point.
  • BHC Backhaul.
  • Round Trip and Circle Trip.
  • Mixed Class.

Who Should Attend

Airline staff , travel agents and Public.

What you'll learn


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