Sep 27 2017 New treatment for Fobia ride

    French psychologist Abdelkader Doukidem, who specializes in the treatment of "panic" or "phobia" at the

    Sep 24 2017 Yemenia suspends all operations until further notice

    Yemenia-Yemen Airways (Sana’a) has suspended all operations until further notice due to the “current crisis and for safety reasons”.

    Feb 11 2018 Openinng our new cargo office

    Yemenia Cargo announces openinng the new office

    Feb 08 2018 Mumbai Package


    Sep 28 2017 Japanese airline apologizes for disabled passenger

    A Japanese airline apologized to a man with special needs after being forced to crawl up to one of its planes and refused a crew

    Sep 28 2017 US warning to withdraw airline licenses

    Airlines that will not comply with a new US decision to beef up security on international flights to the United States

    Feb 07 2018 What is the length required to work as a flight attendant?

    Special requirements of flight attendants, before their appointment is formally approved.

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