Apology To The Public

Aug 16 2022

After the statement of HE the Minister of Transport and continues to continue from the leadership of the company with the Chamber of the Alliance who promised, yesterday lifted the air embargo and resume flights from Sunday to the airports of Aden and Sayoun International,
We would like to inform the public that we have made all the arrangements. The table was sent to the evacuation cell, as well as a team of concerned staff to communicate with the passengers after continuous communication with the relevant authorities.

As usual, the permits arrived on the evening of each day before the end of the day.
We declare to our audience with great regret that we did not receive travel permits on Sunday 12 November

For this reason, Yemen Airways' management is very sincere in apologizing to all passengers after running the flights on Sunday due to the lack of permits, and we are sure from the passengers that they are aware that this is beyond our control.

We will contact you with any new news provided by the concerned authorities.

With our sincere greetings and apologies again

Yemen Airways

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Aug 16 2022


asuure you that we will do our utmost to accommodate passengers who were effected during the blockage/siege period (06-13NOV) .

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