Dec 13 2018 حصلت الخطوط الجوية اليمنية على عضوية اللجنة

    حصلت الخطوط الجوية اليمنية على عضوية اللجنة

    Jan 08 2019 Yemen Airways Acquires New Aircraft Airbus A320

    In an official statement YEMEN AIRWAYS announced its acquisition of a new Airbus A320 aircraft.

    Oct 07 2018 اليمنية تتزود بالوقود من مطار جيبوتي

    لعدم توفر الوقود بشركة النفط بمطار عدن وعدم استطاعتنا بالتزود بالوقود من مطار عدن الدولي وحرصا من قيادة الشركة في خدمة مسافرينها .

    Nov 15 2017 Notification

    asuure you that we will do our utmost to accommodate passengers who were effected during the blockage/siege period (06-13NOV) .

    Nov 12 2017 Apology To The Public

    the permits arrived on the evening of each day before the end of the day.

    Feb 07 2018 Director of Aden International Airport confirms the return of flights to and from Aden next Sunday

    the flights will resume next Sunday in both directions, according to our correspondent in Yemen.

    Feb 07 2018 Suspension Yemenia flights and can not operate today Monday, 6 November 2017 (statement)

    Yemen Airways apologizes to its scheduled passengers for this day, Monday, November 6, 2017, until further notice because . .

    Nov 08 2017 Announcement on the suspension of all Yemenia flights until further notice

    pre-booked reservations to keep their phones registered with their Yemenis open to communicate with them at any time

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