After the arrival of the new equipment and mechanisms for the ground services Aden airport will

Yemen Airways Is Developing Its Equipment To Keep Pace With Development

After the arrival of the new equipment and mechanisms for the ground services Aden airport will witness a quantum leap in improving its services in the difficult circumstances experienced by the country can lead the company represented by Captain / Ahmed Al-Alwani Chairman of the Board
In the process of continuing to modernize the company's equipment to keep pace with modernization and development in the provision of ground services to Yemen and all airlines, where yesterday completed the process of receiving the equipment, devices and mechanisms of the company to Aden International Airport at a total cost of 200 million riyals. Which will contribute to the speed of passenger procedures. And the entry of the Airbus 310, which can accommodate 213 passengers. After the completion of regular maintenance in the Republic of Pakistan, which will reduce waiting for passengers.
The captain said that this step in modernizing the equipment of the Aden airport is part of the general plan of the company, which includes modernization of equipment for all the airports of the Republic, which seeks to lead the company to keep up with the development to cover the requirements of the work in accordance with international requirements and requirements of the general aviation and civil meteorology and requirements of work requirements. Was provided capable of providing services for four aircraft at a time
On the other hand, the captain stressed that the provision of these equipment and mechanisms to Aden International Airport will lead to a qualitative shift in the performance of the company's tasks as the national carrier and will improve the performance of all technical and human aspects at the airport in order to provide services at this vital and important airport in the province of Aden, Company
Finally, we thank and appreciate all those who contributed to the completion of this achievement for our dear company