The company plans to launch a pilot version of a self-driving aircraft by the end of 2017.

Airbus Is Testing Its Own Autoship Car At The End Of 2017

Airbus chief executive Tom Enders said the company plans to launch a pilot version of a self-propelled aircraft by the end of 2017.
Airbus unveils a self-contained "plane crash"
The project comes in the form of solutions to the traffic congestion experienced by cities, by connecting the service to the application of mobile phones so that customers can order the car and move it as helicopters.
Last year, Airbus established an urban air transport unit that explores ideas such as a vehicle to transport individuals or a vehicle that simulates a helicopter so it can transport a number of passengers.
The company has also unveiled its new project called Vahana, which aims to design Ober's self-powered taxi deck designed to ease congestion in urban areas. The aircraft will be available for sale by 2020.
"The project is now in the testing phase and we are taking this development very seriously," said Tom Enders at the DLD conference in Munich on Monday. "Airbus recognizes that such technologies must be environmentally friendly to avoid causing In more pollution to overcrowded cities, "he said, adding that the use of aircraft may also reduce costs for urban infrastructure planners." There will be no need to pump billions into construction projects for concrete bridges and roads, "he said. Polluting the crowded cities.