Sep 28 2017 Airbus is testing its own autoship car at the end of 2017

    The company plans to launch a pilot version of a self-driving aircraft by the end of 2017.

    Sep 28 2017 5 different reasons .. Experts reveal why aircraft flights are delayed?

    People often know one reason why a flight is delayed or canceled, which is bad weather, but there are other reasons that may delay or cancel your plans, some of them

    Sep 28 2017 US warning to withdraw airline licenses

    Airlines that will not comply with a new US decision to beef up security on international flights to the United States

    Feb 07 2018 What is the length required to work as a flight attendant?

    Special requirements of flight attendants, before their appointment is formally approved.

    Sep 27 2017 Yemen Airways is developing its equipment to keep pace with development

    After the arrival of the new equipment and mechanisms for the ground services Aden airport will

    Sep 24 2017 The end of a former Braniff International Boeing 747SP in war-torn Yemen

    The pictured Boeing 747SP-27 7O-YMN (msn 21786) was operated by Yemenia (Yemen Airways) (Sana’a) as a presidential airplane for the government. However the country of Yemen is currently locked in a civil war and a governmental crisis since 2011

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