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    Airbus 310-300

    The Airbus A310 is a medium-range twin-engine wide-body jet airliner that was developed and manufactured by Airbus, then a consortium of European aerospace manufacturers, which held the distinction of being the first twin-engine wide body airliner.

    Airbus 310-300

    Airbus A310-300



    Passenger capacity

               F/C                                  Y/C

      ADR-18 / ADW-12            ADR-195 / ADW-187

    Length37.6m (123 feet 3 inches)
    Wingspan34.1m (111 feet 10 inches)
    Height11.8m (38 feet 7 inches)
    Maximum speed828km/h (511mph, Mach 0.78)
    Range5,900km (3,200 miles)

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