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2nd black box of crashed Yemenia jet found
Yemen expects one week to read data recorders of Yemenia crashed
Comoros announces Yemenia plane black boxes damaged
Yemenia Crashed plane investigation to be continued

Yemen expects one week to read data recorders of Yemenia crashed


SANA'A, Aug.31 (Saba) - Head of Yemeni team in the joint committee for investigating the Yemenia Airbus 310 crash off Comoros Islands in last June revealed on Monday that reading the plane's two data recoders would take a week to reveal the cause of the crash. The Yemeni official added that the Yemeni, French and Comorian team would read the two data recorders along with the specialists in an Office of Aviation Investigation Department. He pointed out the two boxes contained a lot of technical and phonic information about the airliner to be compared with the available information with the committee to know to the real cause of the crash. The two boxes were recovered along with 19 more bodies of the crash victims which increased the number of retrieved bodies to about 45 bodies since the start of research operations as well as retrieving parts of the plane's debris, the official indicated. He affirmed the two boxes were found in the Indian Ocean at a depth of about 1,200 meters, so retrieving them was delayed waiting for a French ship provided with an underwater robot that could scan the ocean bottom. Research process is ongoing for missing bodies. Yemenia Airbus A310 crashed on 30 June in the Indian Ocean off Comoros Islands with 153 passengers and crew onboard. A sole French teen, age 14, survived the tragedy. Reasons behind the accident are still unclear.


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