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Finance and Accounting Courses

  1. Budgeting Planning
  2. The preparation of cost reports
  3. Preparing and Developing Skills of New accountants
  4. Preparing of the final accounts and Budget in accordance with accounting International standers
  5. Accounting Analysis using PC.
  6. Negotiation Skills in the Preparation of Financial Contracts
  7. Cost Study and Analysis
  8. Effective control on Payments
  9. How to manage financial crisis
  10. Effective management of Credit and Collection
  11. Planning Cash flows “ Cash Budget “
  12. Cash management and liquidity Planning
  13. Managing Purchasing risk
  14. Material requirement Planning system
  15. Strategic Management of Procurement
  16. Ways and Methods of Inventory Control
  17. Developing Negotiation Skill with suppliers
  18. Inventory and Treatment of waste and Idle Stock


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